Copying Announcements, Events & Communications.

Hello GroupFire Admins,

New Feature Alert! You now have the ability to Copy any Event, Announcement or Communication directly from your Admin Panel. This new feature has been built and designed with you in mind and we hope it makes your experience building and managing all of your great content even better.

Re-Use your previously created Announcements, Events & Communications by copying them.

Once you copy a piece of content, you can simply make your edits and publish it again instantly.  Here's how:

  1. Navigate to the Announcement, Event or Communication you would like to copy.
  2. Tap on Actions to the far right and select Copy from the dropdown menu.
  3. Confirm you would like to Copy
  4. Your new content will appear with the title "Copy of [Original Title]"
  5. Make your edits & Save!

Questions or comments? Please email us at We would love to hear from you!