How can I add members of one group to another group?

You've started a new group! If you want to add an entire group to another group without going user by user--here is what you can do:

The best way to do this would be to export the original group list from the admin panel and then import them as a CSV back into the group.

Here's how you do this:

  1. Click on the group you would like to export from the "Groups" tab
  2. Click on the "Members" tab at the top of that group
  3. Click "Export as CSV"
  4. Once exported, click on the "Members" section in the left hand menu
  5. Click "Import as CSV"
  6. Select the Group you wish to add the previous group to from the drop down list
  7. Upload CSV

Once you finish that process, it will add all of the members from your original group to the new group you selected from the drop down list.

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