Building and Editing Profiles

Networks are everything, and they start with great people, sharing their interests, expertise, and resources. So, go ahead, put robust details into your profile. Don't forget to update as you change jobs or start new endeavors!

Option 1

  1. In your app, press the circle with your initials in it.
  2. This will take you to Account Settings, where you can select Edit Profile
  3. Now you are able to edit and save your profile. The green toggle bars allow you to choose what is displayed to the community.

Option 2

  1. In your app, press the three horizontal bars, and then select "Account Settings"
  2. Select "Account Settings"
  3. Select "Edit Profile." 
  4. From there, you are able to enter details. Upload pictures! Link to your social media! 
  5. Edit any section and click “Save” to save changes
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