How can I see Email Delivery failures?

  1. Expand Admin Panel sidebar
  2. Click "Activity" in the Analytics section
  3. Click "Email Failures"

Here you can see details for emails that were failed to be delivered and why they failed. The following are reasons why an email would have failed:

1. Invalid Email: 

Invalid emails occur when an email is sent to an address that is formatted in a manner that does not meet internet email format standards, or when the address does not exist at the recipient’s email provider.

2. Blocked

Blocks occur when an email is rejected for a reason related to the message, not the recipient's address. Unlike other suppressions, new messages to blocked addresses will be attempted, as the message content is likely different, and may not be blocked.

3. Bounced

Bounces occur when an email is rejected by the recipient's email provider. The most common causes for bounced email messages include misspelled email addresses, a nonexistent email address, or a full recipient inbox. If a bounce occurs more than once, we stop sending to the recipient, because it is known that the email will most likely continue to bounce.

4. Unsubscribed 

Unsubscribes occur when a recipient indicates that they would like to opt out from all email by clicking on the Unsubscribe link within the email.

5. Reported as Spam

Spam reports occur when a recipient indicates that they think the email is spam, and their email provider reports that back to us.