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How can I take a CSV member download, and separate addresses for mailing?

If you need to each part of an address in a separate column, here is how to do it!

Oftentimes, we'll need to separate an address that's in one column into separate street address, city, state, and Zip Code columns or fields.

Here's how to do it in a spreadsheet like Microsoft Excel and Google Sheets:

Splitting Text using Microsoft Excel


The easiest way to split text is usually with a spreadsheet—and in Microsoft Excel on your Mac or Windows desktop, it only takes a few clicks.

You will want to download your members as a CSV file, and then save that as an excel file. 

TIP: Before you start, make sure there are a few empty columns to the right of your text, so Excel will have room to split out your text. Otherwise it might end up overwriting data in other columns.

Screen Shot 2021-02-19 at 9.34.47 AM

Select the column with the text you want to split. Click the Data tab in the top menu, and click Text to Columns—you should see it around the middle of the toolbar. That will open the split text dialog. The Delimited option should be checked by default—this specifies that the text you want to separate uses spaces, tabs, or other delimiters that you can choose how your data is split, so click Next. Now, choose what's separating your text. Commas separate addresses in your standard CSV member export. 

Excel will then show you a preview of how the finished data will look. Click Finish, and you're done. Your data will be split into the columns you want.