System Settings Overview

Customize your app for your community with system settings.

As you manage your community, you can customize settings in your apps with the system settings section of the control panel. This section includes settings for:

  • Date and time for your app 
  • Notification settings: both the content for notifications and default frequency of notifications
  • Membership settings including what can be seen, what is displayed, whether members can self-signup, and what can be downloaded by other members
  • Enabling or disabling automatic welcome emails for new members added to your community
  • Onboarding content for new members to your community
  • Alerts for failed logins 
  • Landing page customization
  • Default settings for events, and announcements
  • Enabling a video library
  • Settings for popup notifications (a great engagement tool!)
  • Payments and Subscriptions
  • Images and icons for groups and email headers
  • Color Schemes
  • Email addresses for replies to emails and other correspondence 

There are knowledge base articles for each of these features, but the first step in customizing the settings for your community is navigating to system settings--here is how to get there from the Admin Control Panel: