Tips for effectively communicating with Members!

GroupFire is the perfect mix of features for a modern group communication system.

Groups thrive on communication. They feed on it. If you want your group to grow, water them liberally with targeted communications and a homebase that they can proudly call their own.

We break it down like this:

Content Delivery / communication services:

  1. Mobile apps
  2. Web/desktop web app
  3. Email

With GroupFire, your group will have a custom, branded mobile identity along with a web presence and branded email system. You will choose how to deliver your content - announcements, links, events and which of your users the content is delivered to and in which form!

Your mobile and web apps function as both your newspaper and calendar of record, your virtual water cooler for discussion topics and your member directory system. These vital functions are the life blood of your membership organization!

If a tree falls in the forest and nobody hears it……

Posting content to a website or even an app without the ability to signal your members is the equivalent of the tree and forest metaphor. Members will launch your app when they have a specific need to look at the calendar or directory. They will also welcome your ability to notify them when something new is available that is pertinent to them.

It’s critical to develop an understanding of how your members prefer to receive and digest content.


  1. App Notifications
  2. Email service
  3. SMS/Text service

This looks like a lot of options, and it is, and it’s how the way the world works today. You publish once and we make the content available everywhere.

App Notifications are an unobtrusive method for letting your app users know there are new posts, new content.

Email: Your entire post, event, announcement is delivered via email, with comment and response links back to the app/web site.

Text: If you need to get their attention or to get access to your members that have not installed the app! Text messages contain a link to the mobile web app - which looks and functions just like the native iOS and Android apps! We call this the Zero Install app!

Cover all your bases with GroupFire!