Tips for organizing your Groups!

GroupFire is innovating in Groups! Sounds redundant, right? The GroupFire group features are a uniquely conceived way for your groups to interact with each other.

What are groups for?

Groups can be used for a wide variety of reasons:

Geographical - membership based on location

Organizational - membership based on positions held, or groups joined

Topical - membership solely for discussion purposes

Groups may also be short lived - solely for trips/delegations, upcoming events.

Your organization may have an unlimited number of groups and sub-groups. A typical organization may have a setup that looks like this:

1. Everyone
               Board of Directors
               Membership Committee
        New York

2. Topics

Groups can be browsable, hidden, joinable at will, or moderator approved.

Group Features:

1. Discussion lists
        Posts restricted to only certain members
2. Photo libraryFile Library
3. Member Directory
4. AnnouncementsCalendar


Group Members are notified of new posts and activity via push notifications and email.

Groups are a unique hybrid: They function in-app as a self contained group and also operate as a email group. Group Members can elect to turn email on or off with digest options as well. Your group members will stay informed and connected - via push notification and email.

Group members that see content in the app do NOT have that content emailed to them. This means that only unseen content is emailed.

Your members choose how they want their group content delivered - giving them complete choice of how to participate.