Understanding Group Settings

When creating a new group, there are a few settings that you will need to set. This is what it looks like:

And here is what each of these sections control:

  • Will a feed of posts be available for this group? A group feed is a news feed for your group. All posts to your group will live in this feed and be viewable by any member of the group on the group page.
  • Who can post to the feed? As an admin, you can choose who you would like to have access to post in the group feed. 
  • Create a Messaging Room for this Group? Group Messaging is a group room that you can choose to enable for your group. Group messaging is a great way for members to communicate with each other and with admins.
  • Hide this group from non-members? Groups can be toggled to either be viewed by anyone in the organization or just by members in that group. 
  • Who can join this group? This is where you can choose how members join a group. You have the options to have: members join without approval, members join with admin approval or only have members join when invited my an admin.